A bit about BASK

Welcome to BASK

Hey, I'm Jasmin.

I live in Cardiff, Wales and for as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with candles, home fragrance and just anything to make my home smell nice really! Back in 2020, I had an idea to start a Welsh candle company to challenge the way we use home fragrance in our everyday lives.

A few months later and BASK was born.

Set the scene

Imagine this...

You're having friends over for drinks on Friday evening. You want to set the mood a little so what do you do? You dim the main lights and put on a lamp. You ask Alexa to play a playlist of your favourite songs. You might even get out your best glassware and your plushest cushions.

But what about the power of scent?

For a sense highly linked to our emotions, it's one that's often forgotten when it comes to quickly setting the atmosphere in our homes. Through BASK, it's my mission to change that and to help you to think 'scent first' to set the mood in your home with ease.

The power of scent

Choose your scents meaningfully to immerse you in your surroundings and enhance your everyday moments.

Think a deep scented candle for wholesome evenings with friends or an uplifting reed diffuser scent for when you need that extra productivity boost in your home office.

With scent inspiration and pairings at hand, you'll feel proud of the home you've worked hard to create and excited to savour life's little moments every once in a while.

eco-conscious luxury scents

I've focused on creating a luxury brand with an emphasis on eco-conscious materials so you can treat yourself or a loved one no matter the occasion.

Discover our luxury home fragrance products and candle and wax melt gift sets available in scents that you can tailor to your home and your everyday situations.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our products or scents, please reach out to me and I'll be happy to help!